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ilhu industries

wherein our hero is in violation of the colour yellow

7/8/09 06:20 pm - track 5

red light fights tentacling
a fake famous man writhing
on the floor
at the feet
of fake teenagers yelling
into fake microphones
kicking into feedback
pissing off the sound guy
fake snake sneers on stained
lips busted unfurling into snarling curls

full-time tambourine man
with muttonchops till next friday

- the only one sober enough
to light cigarrettes for
the unhappiest of crowds -

backing up lines of clean cut coke
end of show
not giving a fuck in black
leather junkie jackets
shrinking in whiskey vans

red lights now flashing aqua
everybody go home

7/8/09 12:14 am

it is either peering, wondering over the edge
or falling down the fucking rabbit hole
no compromise, remember?
you called this one so


at least i am actually getting some work done
writing is the new making things
editing is the new destroying
[polly put the kettle on]

one day it will be just you and me
but for now, just me will have to do

7/7/09 12:43 pm - homework - easy


a reqqat for reqbat 


find a book full of interesting words
open book at random and skim the page until a word catches your eye
write it down quickly and move on
try to avoid abstractions and seek out words that are concrete and specific
keep it serious [no word-salad]
see if you can finish it in 15/20 minutes
i chose 'the observer's book of sea + seashore'
deep wave study
13 000 currents strong
the solution to erosion is straight
kinking coldness

a streamlined vessel
crests the wide foundation
facing the rip
traveling driftwood destructive
one of these days debris stretching
past the narrow island
inadvertently similar to silt

enough of the squid-like human
submerged sunstroke
misleading the attack


not bad for a first try

spent more time editing last week's poem
though it takes me 10 years to be fully satisfied with anything - especially since i haven't been actively writing since 2005.

i want to get started on the TETRA GAMMA TRON drawing
[oh man i can see it now]

but this is growing, oh so steadily

paper shell wall

7/4/09 02:21 pm - wild strawberries

the smallest kiss in the world

the tiniest strawberries

7/3/09 11:45 pm - i am 1969


1942 - 1969

jesus h, zombling  you're right.  27 is a rough year for a lot of people.

7/3/09 11:14 pm - buffy vs edward

reqbat  oh reqbat
youve prolly already seen this
but hopefully tomorrow is less ducksaucy <3

7/3/09 04:03 am - revelation_s

Bart and Lisa are watching TV, but their program is interrupted for a
special bulletin. Kent Brockman appears on the screen.
Kent: We've just received word of a high-speed desert chase. The suspects have been identified as Ruth Powers and Marge Simpson of Springfield. Bart: Cool! Lisa: I always knew someday Mom would violently rise up and cast off the shackles of our male oppressors. Bart: Ehh, shut your yap. -- Bart Simpson, Male Oppressor, "Marge on the Lam" Brockman continues.
At the risk of editorializing, these women are guilty, and must be dealt with in a harsh and brutal fashion. Otherwise, their behavior could incite other women leading to anarchy of biblical proportions. [Pause] It's in "Revelations", people!

7/2/09 12:37 am

7/1/09 06:50 pm - riddle me this

so we [bergamot and i] are trying to figure something out
we are trying to figure out the opposite term for 'it's all downhill from here'
like things are just getting better and better
'it's all uphill from here' just doesn't ring, but we've been using it anyway - maybe because WE think its funny
so my question is...

6/29/09 07:19 pm - as it stands

the factory june 2009
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